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Bullying, Harassment and Scams are just the tip of the iceberg of problems facing users of Social Connectivity websites. Almost daily we are reading stories about the dangers of using social media, dating and community trading sites, stories of people being robbed, assaulted and far worse.

Over the years, the stories about the victims have led to calls from community organisations and governments for Service Providers to do more but apart from organising top down monitoring and finger pointing, they have failed to provide any real solutions.

And whilst the Service Providers have worked to find solutions, the problems still continue.

One of the reasons that these problems have remained so prevalent is that the solutions themselves have been missing one key element being, the ability of users themselves to control their own safety.

Whilst working on a platform to combat Online Bullying and Trolling, we have created a solution that solves so many of the online problems seen not only on social media sites but also dating, shopping and community trading platforms as well.

We call this solution the Cyber Safety Plug In.

The Cyber Safety Plug In is a simple product that works with all online publishers and service providers to create a safer internet environment.

One of the most important benefits of the Plug In is that it takes away the reliance on the service provider to keep web users safe instead enabling each user to have almost full ownership over their protection.

This is a simple solution that has some many benefits, most importantly the benefit of keeping people safe online.